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An artwork of Reshiram Vs Zekrom battling i drew years ago, has had over 34,000 views! WOW!!!
Tue May 19, 2015, 1:41 AM
Now Accepting Contest Entries!!! :D
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Combee gets another Evolutions!!! Honeyduke will be released shortly!
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Cascade Gonpory

ORRLETH! - I Abolutely Love This Book! -

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 24, 2015, 6:05 PM

A1o+XtgcMGL. SL1500  by cscdgnpry

I have recently finished reading a book called Orrleth written Thomas McClellan! Here is my indepth review of the story.

We start off with Tyrus Savage and his 2 brothers Caius and Jayce in their home somewhere in America, living normal lives. We get a sense that there is something more to them, than just 3 average teenagers. While at home with their cat, they hear some intruders break in and try to hide themselves for protection. They were absolutely unaware of what was about to happen. They did not realise that their lives were about to change forever, in a HUGE way. The intruders find their way into the room that Tyrus and his brothers are hiding in, and the 3 boys and their cat escape through the window in an attempt to get to safety. As they fall into a cushion of freshly falling winter snow, they get caught in a dimensional wormhole that sends them to a completely different universe and the intruders follow them back to their original home, ORRLETH!

The 3 Savage Brothers suddenly appear in a different world, where people wear abstract and outrageous clothing, where it’s normal to have special powers and where the once peaceful world has now be taken over by a Dark group of people called the Leumin. Along with the help of some friendly locals, The 3 Brothers begin a journey to discover their True purpose, and to fulfill a long ago forseen Prophesy that 4 Kings will save Orrleth and return it to it’s once Peaceful state. 

We follow The Brothers as they Discover their Powers, we learn a little about the history of their new 4 friends Myeu, Ahgielle, Lospeck and Gaobao. We read as Tyrus, the leader of the “Lost Pack” embraces the powers of an Ancient Sword called Frostsinger, and hold our breaths as the group find themselves in life threatening situations… Not to mention something special about their cat, Sebastian!!!

What is this world Orrleth? What was the prophecy involving the Savage Brothers, and how will Tyrus lead a group of Teenagers into a war against an unknown enemy and come off conquerer?

This Entrancing novel pulls you into the world of Orrleth too, and is written is such a unique and beautiful way that helps you capture the image Perfectly! You stand with Tyrus and Myeu as they look over the Snowy mounts covered with blue and pink lights (Only in fairytales), you fight - along with the Brothers - magical beasts in Dark caves, and you feel for the group when they discover their powers!

You wont be able to Put this book down! Good thing the second book has already been released, so you can straight-away continue the journey with them!!! 

I Give ORRLETH a strong 5/5!!! I absolutely LOVED this book!!! I have already began reading the second story!

Questions I Was left at the end of the First book:
Who or What is Gaobao?
What is Myue’s Mysterious Dark History?
Who is the 4th King?
What is Ahgielle hiding and why is she SO Strong? IS that her Magical Power? 

I think that Professor Tior is hiding something, I think he is part of the Leumin, and is responsible for helping the Leumin get into the Protective area. I picked up on this as he encouraged the group to follow the Light in the woods while they were on their excursion. This led them into an almost deadly snare.

Official Website
Official Facebook of Author

Purchase on AMAZON (US)
Purchase on AMAZON (Australia)

The Book is Available in HARD COPY and also Kindle Versions

You can expect some Fan Art for this real soon! I've already started some sketches! :D 

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  • Reading: "Orrleth -Burning Cold-" by Thomas McClellan
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ReallyDarkandWindie Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm...maybe my sixth gen starters; Kumizar, Duikin, and Barkrest

And I'll try to have mine done in a few days. :)
cscdgnpry Featured By Owner 2 days ago
let's do it! Can you show me which starters you're talking about??? i'll have this illus done by the end of this weekend
ReallyDarkandWindie Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fun! :meow:
cscdgnpry Featured By Owner 3 days ago
do you want me to do yours in Sugimori style or a fun style?
ReallyDarkandWindie Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, I was thinking that we could draw each others' starters, just for funsies :)
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